Star Saver explodes on the iPad and iPhone.


View the trailer for Star Saver, the dynamic physics platformer coming soon to iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

The story of Squidly and Sir Squishy

You play as a Squidly, a space squid hauling around Squishy, The Prince of the Galaxy, on a magic chain in search of the stars that are mysteriously disappearing from the sky. Luckily, Squishy can eat his way though almost anything!

Star Saver gameplay

Star Saver is a hilarious adventure, spanning the galaxy, and over 10 hours of gameplay. As you jump, munch, and venture through the game, you'll gain new abilities from eating various cakes. Use these abilities to uncover the hidden mysteries of the galaxy. You also have a map for each level to help you keep track. It's adventure time!

  • Over 24 levels of physics platforming madness!
  • Open world gameplay. Choose your own path!
  • More than 10 skills to collect and master!
  • Tons of enemies, and cool bosses!
  • Clever puzzles, tricky jumps, and nasty baddies!
  • Killer soundtrack!
  • The metroidvania platformer you always wanted on iOS
  • Built for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch


Browse the screenshots from Star Saver and get a quick peek of the game

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